How the Proposal Submission Process Works

The Office of Proposal Development (OPD) strives to provide the best service possible. Time is a critical component in attaining professional and compliant proposals. Please ensure the proposal submission process is initiated no less than two weeks before the due date. Email if you have any questions.

By filling out the Proposal Assistance Request Form, you are requesting a Proposal Coordinator to be assigned to your project. Your Proposal Coordinator will serve as your primary research administrator, assisting with non-scientific documents, budget and justification preparation, internal forms, and routing to ensure a fully compliant proposal submission.

OPD Proposal Submission Process

I have an idea!

  • Develop your idea utilizing advisors/mentors, peers, and colleagues as appropriate
  • Envision what your project will look like in terms of time, people, tasks, and budget items

Find money

  • Consider reaching out to others. Proposal-writing activities that may be rare and tricky for one unit may be very common for another. This is an important component of UAF’s “shared services” initiative.
  • Read the solicitation: What is the purpose of the available funding? What projects have been funded previously?
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to agency program managers to see if your idea is a good fit!

Activate OPD

  • Reach out to OPD as soon as you have determined the opportunity you’d like to apply to by utilizing the Proposal Assistance Request Form.
  • A proposal tracking number and Coordinator will be assigned to your project for assistance throughout the process (budget development, personnel documents, internal forms, agency portals, etc.).

Department Review

  • OGCA requires FIVE BUSINESS DAYS for their review process, so keep this in mind!
  • After the respective departments’ approvals have been received by OPD, your coordinator will submit the proposal file to OGCA for final review and approval.
  • The minimum required for review is a final budget, budget justification, and a decent draft of the proposal text.

OGCA Review

  • After the department has approved the proposal for submission, OPD will provide your proposal to OGCA for final review and approval. Depending on time, this may happen simultaneously with the departmental review.
  • OGCA requests FIVE DAYS for their review process, so keep this in mind!


  • OPD will work with OGCA to submit proposals through agency portals that require AOR approval.
  • Emailed submissions are generally completed by the coordinator.
  • If the sponsor requires additional information or a revision is required, the same proposal coordinator will assist with these tasks if available.